Foundations Booklet

A basic guide to choosing the right type of foundation for your building, and the materials used.


Roofing Booklet

A brief guide on how the roof covering you choose has an effect on the design of your roof and the trusses.


Masonary Booklet

A quick guide to bricks, blocks and what goes into laying them on an average building project.

Pocket Guides

Contractors Guide to Insulation Installation

Understanding some of the fundamentals of installing roofing insulation.

Contractors Guide to Foundations and Concrete

A brief guide on foundation construction and the associated requirements for concrete strength.

Contractors Guide to Mix Proportions

A concise guide for contractors as to the correct on-site mix proportions of concrete and plasters.

Contractors Guide to Roofing

A concise guide for contractors discussing various roof coverings and the impact they have on roof design and choice of covering.

Contractors Guide to Masonary

A concise guide for contractors in best practices and specifications for masonary (bricklaying).

Guide to the JBCC Building Contract

A concise guide for contractors and homebuilders in in understanding the administration of the JBBC building contract.